About Us

Cheap kitchens direct are group of individuals whose sole mission is to supply to the UK public the best value kitchens in the world and at the same time provide the best service in the kitchen industry.

Why should a kitchen cost thousands and thousands of pounds?

The truth is that it should not cost.

The reason that it does cost thousands is because of all the fat profits being made by these kitchen companies with big fancy offices, big fancy showrooms, directors with big fancy cars and big fancy houses and big fancy life styles and big fancy wives that spends their days down at the women's club sipping champagne and screwing the gardener whilst the husband is at the office screwing you over with his overpriced kitchens.

Here at cheap kitchens direct we are all working class folk like you. No fancy homes or fancy lifestyles which mean that if we want to sell you a kitchen with only £100 profit in it, then we can and we will.

Britain is our home land and we will do what we can for the people of Britain. As our knowledge and expertise is the manufacture of kitchens then that is what we will stick to.

Our message to the big corporate rich boys of B&Q and Howdens kitchen is 'Go screw yourselves as we are going to beat your prices by 75% and unlike you who want a 25% deposit and then the full balance before delivery, we will deliver to our customers the whole kitchen without taking a single penny in deposit, we will beat you on price, we will beat you on quality and we will beat you on service".

We have all heard the saying "if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is".

And this our problem, no one can believe that we can sell a full kitchen with oven, hob extractor, sink, tap soft closing door and drawer systems, all units and doors etc. for only £ 695. So this is why we are saying "Ok, so don't pay us a penny and let us bring it to you and then you decide if you want or not, if you do then pay us please if you don't then just send us away, there will be no hard feeling. After all, it was us that said that we would bring the kitchen to you without payment.

I personally am sick to death of the internet bringing down the quality of products. Gone are the days were we actually went and looked at a product before buying it, felt it, smelt it and kicked its tyres.

Now we just Google it, look at a picture and have no choice but to believe the waffle that the seller is telling us about how their product is for those who want to save money without compromising in quality.

It's only when you take delivery that you realize the truth. That you've just bought a pile of junk and if you want your money back you have to deliver it back to them at your expence, and it has to be in its undamaged original package that you have just ripped open in your excitement.